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  • After the forklift or pallet truck big ballet packaging is cut and removed, it is placed in the machine.
  • The machine is tilted by hydraulic control.
  • The machine is started with the
  • Start button. Breaks the big ballet down in 10-15 minutes.
  • It breaks the shredded peat thoroughly with the crusher blades at the discharge mouth and destroys the lumps. It raises the peat.
  • Makes it ready for use and moistens the peat with the irrigation system.


Capacity 6m3 / 15 min
Volt 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 6.3kW
ÖMeasures (Vertical) Width: 170 cm
Lenght: 260 cm
Height: 275cm
ÖDimensions (Horizontal) Width: 170 cm
Lenght: 320 cm
Height: 275cm
Weight 1380 kg
Peat Dimensions Width: 100 cm
Lenght: 120 cm
Height: 250cm


Contact Information

  • Cami Mah. Kazım Dirik Cad. No:219 Çırpı/ Bayındır/ İZMİR / TURKEY
  • +90 232 583 60 95
  • +90 232 583 66 09

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